Way better than Him
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James sees himself as a regular young guy. He’s kind enough, for an outsider, and genuine enough for his age, but his world turns upside-down when he is accused of sexual abuse of a minor. to the point where no one will look at him the same way, not even himself. Was it an accident? James faces a 30 min trial, his future lies in the audience’s hands, who will decide the veredict as a member of the Jury.

Director: Daniel Olmos Ochoa
Writers: Daniel Olmos Ochoa and Gerard Jaurena
Cast: Christopher Chee,Rozarina Larsen, Gintare Anisimovaite, Daniel Morso Christiansen, Christopher Michael Czechowich
Scenography: Ines Europa, Sandra Illa

English title: Way better than him
Year of production: 2018
Genre: Theatre play, thriller
Running time: 34 min.
Country: Denmark

Exhibited at Kruddtonden for CTC Fringe Festival 2018